Why am I seeing a corrupt data warning?

Corrupt data may prevent Glean from working properly

Glean stores Event data locally on your device before syncing to the cloud. If Glean detects corruption in this local data which may prevent it from working properly, a warning is displayed.

The technical bit:
In order to work seamlessly both online & offline, Glean saves all Event data locally on your device in IndexedDB (a database built into the browser).
On rare occasions, this local database may get corrupted, and become unpredictable or unusable and needs to be deleted so Glean can start afresh.

What do I need to do?

Don’t worry - this issue is easily solved by resetting Glean on your device.

Just press the Reset Glean button displayed in the warning dialog.

Please take action to reset Glean on your device as soon as possible. If you continue using Glean, you risk losing any new recordings or notes.

⏲ The process should take no more than a couple of minutes.

What happens when I reset Glean?

Pressing Reset Glean will:

  • Clean out the corrupt local data;
  • Sign you out of Glean;
  • Delete any unsaved changes to your Events (see below: Will I lose my notes?)

When you sign back in to Glean, the “Corrupt Data” warning should no longer appear, and Glean should work properly again 👍

If you continue to experience errors, contact our support team right away!

Will I lose my notes?

✅ Resetting Glean will not delete any Events saved to the cloud. ❌Changes which have not yet been uploaded to the cloud will be deleted when you reset Glean.

We'll warn you if you have unsaved changes

Glean will detect whether you have unsaved changes.

If you are online:
  • Glean will attempt to sync any unsaved changes to the cloud.
  • The option to Reset Glean will be disabled while upload is in progress.
If you are offline:
  • You will not be able to sync changes to the cloud until you reconnect to the internet connection.
  • We’ll show the time of your last successful cloud upload, so you can determine how much data you may lose by resetting. You can then choose to:
    • Reset Now Discard any unsaved changes and reset Glean immediately, or:
    • Reset Later Postpone resetting Glean until you have had chance to connect to the internet and upload changes to the cloud.
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