Using Glean with headphones

Glean will capture the audio from whatever device you have set as your computer's default device. You have to make sure that your default device is set to the device you expect to be recording through, this is especially important if you're connecting headphones, or changing the playback device in your webinar (eg Zoom) application.

Recording Mode:


For live in-person recordings you'll be using a microphone. Some headphones have their own microphone (like the ones you get with mobile phones). When you connect your headphones, your computer will probably default to using that mic. If you want to use a different mic then check your system settings (see below).

Screen Audio Recording

When you're recording online content (eg Zoom, MSTeams) you can have the option in those applications, to choose which output device is used for the audio. Glean will always record from the computer's default device, so you have to make sure that your computer's default matches whatever device you want to use in the app (ie your headphones).

Check your Input and Output device


  1. Right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of Windows
  2. Select Open Sound Settings
  3. Under Output, choose the correct output device (headphones / speakers)
  4. Under Input, choose the correct input device (microphone)


  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Sound
  3. Switch to the Input Tab
  4. Pick the correct intput device (microphone)
  5. Make sure that the volume slider is turned up
  6. Switch to the Output Tab
  7. Pick the correct output device (headphones / speakers)
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