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Inviting users

To invite a user to Glean, select Invite User:

Invite User button

You'll be prompted to enter the user's email address, and (optionally) add their name.

A name is not required to invite a user, but may be useful for managing invites.
The user will have the option to add their name, or edit the name entered here, at registration.

Click Invite User to instantly send an email invite:

Invite User Dialog with fields for Email Address and Name (Optional), an Invite User button and a Close button


What happens next?

The user will receive an initial invite email with a link to the Glean Sign Up page. 

If the user doesn't sign up within 7 days they will begin to receive automated reminder emails.

When they successfully sign up they will receive a welcome email.

If they fail to sign up within 30 days their invite expires and they will have a status 'Invite Expired' in Glean admin.

Initial Invite Email Preview:

The below email is sent as soon as you invite a user:

Initial Invite Email

If you included a user's name when inviting them, this will be included at the top of the email.

Your Organization's Display Name (e.g. Glean College in our example above) and Contact Email (e.g., can be set by Sonocent.
Please contact us if you would like either of these changed. 

Invite Reminders Emails:

Invite reminders are sent:

  • 7 days after invite if not signed up
  • 23 days after invite if not signed up
Welcome Email Preview:

When a user successfully signs up, they will automatically receive a welcome email, which confirms their account creation, their account details and how to access Glean.

Welcome email sent on sign up

Invite Expiry:

Invites are valid for 30 days from the day they are sent. This period of validity is reset if you resend an invitation to a user who's invite is still valid or re-invite a user who's invite has expired.

If a user clicks on an invite link which is expired, they will be informed that the invite has expired and be prompted to contact the email specified as your organisations contact.

Users & User Status

All invited users will be listed in your Glean Admin dashboard.

The Status column indicates whether a user has Signed Up to use Glean.
Invited users who have not yet signed up will retain a status of Invited.

Invites are valid for 30 days. If a user does not sign up within 30 days, their status will show as ' Invite Expired'.

You can resend an invite to any user who has not yet signed up, by clicking on the 3 dots in the Actions column.

Glean Admin user table, consisting of 4 columns: Actions, Name, Email and Status


User Search

The search function allows you to search for a specific user.
It searches across both Email and Name fields for the entered search string.

Search box which features the placeholder text 'Search...' and a magnifying glass icon


User license period / expiration date

There is no need to specify a license period or expiration date for individual Glean users. 
This is currently controlled globally for your organizational account by Sonocent.

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