Can I merge Glean accounts?

Currently, there’s no way to merge individual Glean accounts. 

Your email address is your username for Glean.

If you have created Glean accounts with two separate email addresses (e.g. your university email address and a personal email address), unfortunately they cannot currently be merged. 

If you already have a Glean account under one email address, and have incorrectly set up your subscription, or been invited separately under a 2nd email address, then please let us know as soon as possible ( we can usually advise how to get everything working under a single email account. 

Can I transfer Events between Glean accounts?

Currently, you cannot move Events between Glean accounts. 
The option to share Events with another Glean account is in development.
This will allow you share your Events with the Glean account you want to use going forwards, so watch this space!
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