Individual Subscription

Individual subscriptions can be purchased during or after your free trial, or when your access to Glean has expired.

You can sign up to a Monthly Subscription or purchase an Annual Licence (

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Getting Started


Managing your account


Cancelling your Subscription


Getting Started

Annual Licences

You can purchase Annual licences for Glean at

Info - Annual Licences are manually processed by a member of the team, so can take up to 1 business day to be applied to your account.

Monthly Subscriptions

If you have never used Glean you will need to start by signing up to our free trial. Go to and sign up.

If you already have a Glean account then:

  • Sign into Glean at:

  • Click your account icon in the top right of Glean and select Plan Details:

  • Then select Subscribe Now:
  • Account summary page showing plan details with a 'subscribe now' button.

  • You will be taken to our online sales platform (Chargebee) where you can set up your monthly payment.

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    Managing your account

    If you have an individual Glean plan, you can view and manage your plan from the Account menu.

    • Click the Account icon (top right in Glean web).
      You'll see your Plan name displayed, e.g. Glean Pay Monthly:

    Don't see the Plan option?
    If your institution provides your Glean access, you'll see Provider details instead.

    The Plan tab

    • To see further details and manage your Glean subscription, click the plan name from the menu.
      The Account window will open on the Plan tab:

    Plan tab in the Account window

    The Plan tab contains the following info on your current Glean subscription:


    The type of subscription that you currently have.

    Renewal date:

    This is the date your subscription is set to renew, and your next payment taken.
    If your plan has expired or been cancelled, you'll see an Expiration date instead.

    Manage Plan button:

    This button launches our secure portal where you can:

    • Review your subscription.
    • Update your billing details.
    • Renew, cancel or reactivate your Glean subscription.
    Have questions about your Glean subscription or payments?
    Please contact our subscriptions team on


    Cancelling your Monthly Subscription

    You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. You pay for each month in advance, so you will retain access to Glean for the time that you have already paid for.

    Use the steps above in 'Managing your account' to access they payment site (Chargebee) where you can cancel your monthly subscription.

    Have questions about your Glean subscription or payments?

    Please contact our subscriptions team on

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