Your Event

An Event is where you’ll record audio and make your notes.

The Event workspace has 4 key components, and works a little bit like a messaging app:

Image of the full Glean workspace showing 4 different parts of the screen. On the left is the place for slides, in the middle your feed, where your text notes will appear, on the right your audio stream, and then underneath the text feed and audio stream is the fourth section where you add your text notes.

Slides - Where your slides are displayed.

If you don't have slides this pane is hidden when you start recording

Feed - where your text notes will get added.
Audio Stream - where recorded audio will appear.

If you don't want to see this, use the Layout options on the top right to hide this pane when recording

Workspace menu in the top right, showing the layout button selected and the option to Hide Audio while recording toggle, which is switched off.

Input Controls - where you select Labels and input text.
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