Adding Slides to an Event (before recording)

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With Glean, you can combine all of the information from a lecture, class or meeting in a single Event: audio, notes and slides 🎉

Currently Glean supports slides in PDF format only.

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Working with slides in class

Add slides to your Event before you start recording:

Create a new Event, then select Import slides (PDF).

Select the PDF file you want to add to your Event, and double click, or select Open, to import it:

Animated GIF showing the steps described above for PDF import.

You can also drag and drop a PDF file:

Animated GIF showing dragging and dropping a PDF file into a Glean Event.

You can only import one PDF file into your Event.
If you have multiple files, merge them before importing to Glean.

Align audio and slides as you record

Glean imports the full PDF file, so you can progress through the presentation as you record, capturing audio against the relevant slides.

Hit record, and you’ll see your first slide is added to your Feed as 'Slide 1'.
You can edit this text at any time if you’d like to use a more descriptive title.

When the presenter moves on to their next slide, click Post Next Slide to add the next slide to your Feed.

Animated GIF showing the steps outlined above (clicking Record and Post Next Slide)

Sometimes a presenter may skip a slide, or jump back and forth in their presentation.
If this happens, you can use the arrow buttons under the slide display to navigate to the relevant slide.
Then click Post Slide to add the selected slide to your Feed:

Animated GIF showing use of arrow buttons to navigate through slides and Post Slide button to select the current slide.

Working with slides after class

⭐ It is now possible to import slides to an Event after you've made your recording! ⭐
Thanks to everyone who requested this feature!
Find out more.

Reviewing an Event with slides

As you play back audio, by clicking the Play Button or playing the associated audio against a note on your feed, the associated slide will be displayed.

Reading View

All slides in your Feed are also displayed in Glean’s Reading View, with any associated notes below them.

My class slides aren't in PDF format, what should I do?

Fret not!
It is fairly easy to 'convert' presentation slides in other formats to PDF.

Just follow the links below for step-by-step instructions on exporting slides in a PDF format *:

Microsoft Powerpoint:

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF files

Google Slides:

Download versions in other formats


The creator of a Prezi presentation must save it as a PDF before sharing. This requires a paid subscription to Prezi.
More info:

Can I import multiple PDF files?

It is not currently possible to import more than one PDF file at a time.

If your slides are split across multiple files, you will need to merge the files in order to import them all into the same Event in Glean.

There are lots of different tools you could use to do this. 
We've included a few suggestions below *:

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  • Sonocent has no control over the content or availability of these sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorsement of third party tools by Sonocent.
  • Please advise us if you find any third party links to be broken or otherwise inappropriate.

Should you require support with using any third party tools, please contact the third party's own Support team, your institution's IT helpdesk, or you Glean account administrator for assistance.

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