Glean Mobile - Getting Started Step 4 - Add Text

To add a text note, simply start typing, (you do not have to pick a label).

Post your note to the Feed, by clicking the Post arrow.

Image showing adding labels with the text box

Top tip: Avoid the temptation to type too much - it’s easy to lose focus on what’s being said.
Glean is recording everything, so you don’t need to worry about capturing every word.

Combine Quick Labels and Text

Want to label some audio as 'Important', and also add a quick note? Or highlight a 'Task' and note the deadline?

With Glean, you can combine Labels and text notes in any order:

  • Type text, then select a label before posting to your Feed.
  • Select a label first, then add your text.

Image showing adding an Important Label

...and relax! 

That's everything you need to capture great notes, whilst staying focused in the moment. 🙌

Reviewing your notes will be easier too - your personalized feed shows what you need to focus on, and your audio recording means you never need ask yourself "what does that note I made even mean?!" 

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