Glean Mobile - Collections

Use Collections to organize your Glean Events in a way that is meaningful to you.

You can create as many Collections as you like: you might set up a Collection for each class or semester, or use Collections to help manage your study and review process:

Image showing the Collections screen

Home tab vs. Collections tab

When you launch Glean, you'll see two different tabs at the bottom of the screent: 

Image showing the Hoem tab and Collections tab icons

The Home tab shows all of your Events. 

By default, Events are listed chronologically, with the most recent Event at the top. 

The  Collections tab lets you group and organize your Events any way you please.

Create your first Collection


Select the 'Collections' tab from the bottom of the screen:

Image showing the Collections icon


Click the 'New Collection' button:

Image showing the New Collection button

  • Your first Collection is created 🙌

Give your Collection a name:

  • Just enter your name where you see "Add collection name..." 

That's it! Your Collection is set up, and you're ready to start organizing your Events! 

Create a new Event in a Collection

Glean makes keeping organized super simple, by allowing you to create a new Event within an existing Collection.

  • From within a Collection: use the handy "New Event" button to create a new Event in that Collection.
  • From the Collections tab: Click the round "+" button on any Collection to instantly create an Event within it:

Image showing the plus icon to add an Event to create a new Event in a collection

Each Collection also displays the number of Events within it, for easy reference.

Add an existing Event to a Collection

Once you have created one or more Collections, you can add any existing Events you have to them.

To add an existing Event to a Collection: 

  • From the Home tab: 
    • Long press on the Event
    • Select Move Event
    • Pick the Collection you want to use

Manage your Collections

Want to fine-tune your Event organization?

Renaming Collections

It's super easy to rename a Collection, just:

  • Click to open your Collection.
  • Then simply click your Collection name and you'll be able edit or overwrite it.
  • Glean automatically saves your new Collection name, job done!

Deleting Collections

Overdone it with creating Collections? No problem. 

Don't worry, deleting a collection does NOT delete the events within it.

To delete a Collection:

  • Click to open the Collection.
  • Click to open the Collection Options Menu (the three vertical dots) at the top right of the Collections tab.
  • Select "Delete Collection".
  • Organise the events previously in your Collection as you wish.
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