Glean Mobile - Managing device storage

We know that storage on your mobile device can be limited and you won't need all your Glean data always available on the device.  And that you don't want to be using all your Mobile Data to sync everything to the cloud.

See "Glean Mobile - Cloud Sync - Where are my Events saved" for more details on how your Events are stored.

On mobile Glean gives you some additional options on how to mange your storage, by letting you remove the audio part of your event from your local storage (audio makes up the bulk of your file).


Removing the audio from your device

If your Event shows just your file duration and no cloud icon, then everything is saved to your device; your audio, text, labels etc

You can long press on an Event and get the option to 'Remove Audio from Device'


Open your Event and select the three dot menu in the top right and choose 'Remove Audio from Device'


Downloading the audio to your device

If your Event shows a cloud icon with a down arrow then the audio for that Event is in the cloud and not on your device. You can open the Event and read through your text labels without downloading the audio.

You can tap the cloud icon to start downloading your audio (you have to be connected to the internet).


You when you open the Event you'll have a Download Audio button at the bottom of your screen.

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