Glean Mobile - Recording Audio

What am I going to be recording?

Glean Mobile will record through your microphone. You can use an external mic so long as your device recognises it as a microphone.

Important #1 - You cannot record on-line content with the Glean Mobile app.

Mobile devices do not allow applications to access the audio from other applications, so you cannot use the Glean Mobile app to record on-line content playing in another app. You will have to use Glean on your computer to record on-line content.

Starting Recording

  1. Click New Event to start using Glean:

    Image showing the New Event button

  2. Give your event a title (or leave it blank)
  3. Select Start Recording

    Image showing the box to add an Event Name and the Star Recording button

    Recording will start straight away

    You will see the timer start. The meter below the timer will show the level of your audio being picked up by your microphone

    Image showing the recording timer and stop button

If Recording has stopped, you can restart by clicking the three dots in the top right and selecting 'Continue Recording'

Image showing the Event Menu with Continue Recording highlighted

Important #2 - Mobile devices only allow one app to use your microphone at any time. When recording make sure not to switch to another app that uses your microphone as that new app will instantly take over and recording in Glean will be stopped.

Top Tip #1 - When using the app, switch your device to Airplane mode. This will remove the distraction of calls and text messages coming in. As well as stop incoming calls taking over the microphone (causing your recording to stop).

Top Tip #2 - When you've finished don't forget to switch out of Airplane mode!

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