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You can get started with Glean in a couple of clicks. 
Follow the steps below to master the basics. 


Step 1: Record

1. Create an Event

Click New Event to start using Glean:

New Event button

An Event is where you’ll record audio and make your notes.

The Event workspace has 3 key components, and works a little bit like a messaging app:

Glean's Event workspace showing Event Stream (centre), Input Controls (bottom), and Feed (right)

Event Stream - where recorded audio (and imported slides) will appear.
Input Controls - where you select Labels and input text.
Feed - where your notes will appear.

2. Record

To start capturing audio, click Record

Glean's Record button (a pink microphone icon)

The first time you click Record, you’ll be asked to give Glean access to your microphone.

Audio Visualization

Glean visualizes audio on screen. You’ll see an Audio Stream made up of bubbles of speech, with gaps in between when the speaker pauses.
The visual Audio Stream makes your recording really easy to navigate. 
It also lets you add notes or Labels to specific moments you may want to revisit later.

Animated GIF showing a simulated, shortened sequence of pressing record, capturing audio bubbles and adding annotations

Step 2: Annotate

This is where things get flexible! 

You can annotate audio using Quick Labels, text notes, or both - so you can work in a way that best suits your learning style. 

Add as much or as little text as you want in class - you can easily return to key points to review them at your own pace.

Add Quick Labels

Use Quick Labels to pinpoint key information in the lecture, without losing focus or needing to type.

Glean's Quick Label buttons: Important, Review and Task

There are 2 ways to add a Quick Label:
1. Long click: Click and hold a label with your left mouse button.
2.  Short click: Click to select a label, then press Enter on your keyboard (or click the Post button).

Animated GIF showing the sequence of adding an Important Label

Top tip : If you find you mainly use Quick Labels without adding text, check out Glean's  Lightning Mode  


Add Text Notes

To add a text note, simply start typing.
(There’s no need to click into the Input Box).

To post your note to your Feed, hit Enter on your keyboard (or click the Post button).

Animated GIF showing the sequence of typing a text note and sending to the Feed

Top tip: Avoid the temptation to type too much - it’s easy to lose focus on what’s being said.
Glean is recording everything, so you don’t need to worry about capturing every word.


Combine Quick Labels and Text

Want to label some audio as 'Important', and also add a quick note? Or highlight a 'Task' and note the deadline?

With Glean, you can combine Labels and text notes in any order:

  • Type text, then select a label before posting to your Feed.
  • Select a label first, then add your text.

Animated GIf showing the sequence of combing Quick Labels and Text described above


Add Headings

Glean's Heading buttonUse Headings to break up your recording - and Feed - into sections, for example when the lecturer changes topic.

Add text to your Heading in the moment - or don't. A placeholder is added for you to come back to later.

Animated GIF showing sequence of adding a Heading, first with and then without text


Step 3: Relax! 

That's everything you need to capture great notes, whilst staying focused in the moment. 🙌

Reviewing your notes will be easier too - your personalized feed shows what you need to focus on, and your audio recording means you never need ask yourself "what does that note I made even mean?!" 

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