Email Examples

During use Glean sends out a number of automated emails, invitations, reminders, expiry messages etc.

The links below will take you to an example of the email. The email templates will change over time, as Glean evolves, and we get feedback from users. If you need to know exactly what is being sent out then please speak with your Customer Success Manager.

Important - the following articles were correct as of March 2023

User Invitation  - sent when you invite a user to your account.
Admin Invitation  - sent when you invite a user to be an Admin on your account (this is sent as well as the normal user invitation).
Invitation Reminder  - sent after 7 and 23 days, if the user has not yet signed up.
Welcome to Glean  - sent after a user signs up and creates their account.
Expiry  - sent when the user has 7 days access remaining.
Expired  - sent when access has ended. (Whether it's hit the expiry date or was manually expired).
Reactivated  - sent when access has been reactivated.
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