Bulk Invites

You can send out bulk invites at once using our CSV template.

Important - If a user is already on your Account then you will not be able to send an invitation. Use the Action menu (three dots) next to their name to manage their access. If you can't see them in your User List, tick the 'Show Expired' check box.

To send your bulk invite, select Invite Users:

...and switch to the Bulk Upload tab then follow the steps:

  1. Download our CSV template
  2. Fill in the email addresses for each user
  3. Upload the CSV file

1  A name is not required to invite a user, but may be useful for managing invites. The user will have the option to add their name, or edit the name entered here when they sign up.You can set an expiry date for the user's access. If you don't set a date then this will simply get set as your organisation expiry date. (You can manage user's expiry dates after they have signed up). 

What happens next?

The user will receive an initial invite email with a link to the Glean Sign Up page. 

If the user doesn't sign up they will receive automated reminder emails after 7 days and 23 days.

When they successfully sign up they will receive a welcome email.

If they fail to sign up within 30 days their invite expires and they will have a status 'Invite Expired' on your dashboard. To re-invite them click the Action menu (three dots) next to their name and select 'Resend Invitation'.

Important - The sign up link in the email is unique to that user and can only be used for the initial sign-up. Once a user has created their account they cannot use the invitation as a way to get into Glean; they simply need to go to https://app.glean.co/ and sign in.

Users & User Status

All invited users will be listed in your Glean Admin dashboard ( see here)

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