Freeing up Space

When you use Glean everything is being saved to your computer as well as being uploaded to the Cloud (if you're online). This is great if you're on a flakey internet connection or going to be using Glean off-line. However it's not so good if your computer is low on disk space!

Glean has a 'Free up space' feature that will simply remove the locally stored data, freeing up your disk. Your Events will still be saved in the Cloud and you will still see them listed in your Events and Collections. When you open one of these Events, Glean will download the data back to your computer ( make sure that you are on-line).

Fact: The option will only affect Events that have already been synchronised to the Glean cloud. If an Event hasn't been uploaded then it will stay on your computer.
Tip: If you plan on working off-line make sure to go through and open the projects you'll be using so that the data is re-downloaded and available off-line.

To free up space:

  1. Click the Account icon in the top right of Glean
  2. Select Free up Space

  3. A window will open telling you how many Events will be removed
  4. Click the blue button to 'Remove Events' (or use close to cancel).

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