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The future of Sonocent Audio Notetaker

What is the future of Sonocent Audio Notetaker?

We will continue to maintain Sonocent Audio Notetaker until August 2026 and continue to offer support until 2027 to allow a phased transition period but there will be no further development for Sonocent Audio Notetaker. We are encouraging users to transition to our new software Glean over the next few years. 

What does maintenance of the product involve?

It means that we will work to resolve critical bugs that affect the operation and usability of the software on supported operating systems. If an update to the operating system causes Sonocent Audio Notetaker to become unoperational, then we will work to resolve this within the software. 

What is the difference between Sonocent Audio Notetaker and Glean?

Glean is our modern, flexible and intuitive software. It’s cloud-based and can be used across devices, with recordings accessible across devices. Learn more about Glean here or browse frequently asked questions here: Glean FAQ's.

Glean packages are available for small teams to purchase  (known as Glean Teams) as well as departments within educational institutions (known as Glean for Education). Speak to a member of our team for more information. 

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Supporting Sonocent Audio Notetaker Users

Can I still buy Sonocent Audio Notetaker?

We are no longer selling Sonocent Audio Notetaker to new institutional customers in North America, although we can offer additional licences to existing Sonocent Audio Notetaker customers. 

We’re no longer selling Sonocent Audio Notetaker licences to individuals. 

How do I support my students who are using Audio Notetaker?

You are welcome to transition students to Glean straight away - just contact your Glean Customer Success Manager to organise. If you prefer, you can use both Glean & Sonocent Audio Notetaker together for now. When the time is right for you, we will support you and your students fully in your transition to Glean if you still have students using Sonocent Audio Notetaker.

I have a listing on our University website about Sonocent - should I update it?

If your institution is still offering Sonocent Audio Notetaker to students then this should stay on your university website. Our preferred branding is now “Sonocent Audio Notetaker”. If you are also offering Glean to your students, please add a listing for Glean using the information in the media kit so students have access to the right information. 

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Pricing and licenses for migration

How much will it cost to deploy Glean?

Existing customers can transition fully to Glean at their renewal and we are offering a free upgrade of their Sonocent Audio Notetaker licenses so there’s no cost to change. 

Are there further costs for setup, training, cloud storage etc?

No, the Glean subscription cost covers everything.

Do I have to select a subscription period for Glean?

Yes you do. The minimum contract length is 1 year. You will receive discounts for multi-year contracts.

Can I switch licenses between both Sonocent Audio Notetaker and Glean and vice versa?

Existing customers are eligible to transition from Sonocent Audio Notetaker to Glean. Our focus is to upgrade customers fully by transitioning all of their licenses at their next renewal. However, as a fallback position where the customer wishes to upgrade less licenses, the minimum number of Sonocent Audio Notetaker licenses which can be upgraded is 5 unused licenses. There is no cost associated with this, we would just need you to complete a quotation document to confirm that you wish to proceed. Glean licences cannot be swapped for Sonocent Audio Notetaker.

Can Glean seats be loaned out as with the Loan License Manager?

Yes, the process is much improved. A key benefit of Glean is the ability to assign or revoke user access at any time. With Sonocent Audio Notetaker, you need to decide this in advance, which isn’t always clear. With Glean, you can see which students are using their logins and reassign any unused licenses at any time to other students using the dedicated Glean Admin. 

Can Sonocent Audio Notetaker projects be transferred to Glean?

Glean is an all new cloud-based solution and as such stores information differently than Audio Notetaker. We are not planning to offer a migration of data from other note taking solutions such as Audio Notetaker into Glean for institutional customers. 

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