Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Turn it off an on again.

There's lots going on behind the scenes, whether that's with Glean, Chrome, Edge or your Operating System. So if something basic isn't working as it should, then resetting everything is a great thing to try first.

  1. Close your Glean tab
  2. Quit Chrome/Edge
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Open Chrome/Edge
  5. Go to Glean https://app.glean.co/
  6. Hold SHIFT and refresh the page

Do you have waiting updates?

We're constantly working on improving Glean, bringing in new features, performance improvements and fixing issues; at Glean we release updates most days (sometimes several updates a day). The same is true for Chrome, Edge, Windows and Mac.

If you have pending updates it's recommended to get theses installed as this might be the update that fixes the issue you were having. Waiting updates do cause some very unusual issues.

Updating Glean: Glean will normally update on its own when you are online. You can also get the latest version by forcing the Glean web-page to refresh: Holding SHIFT while refreshing the page will usually force the page to reload and pick up the latest version

Updating Chrome/Edge: Chrome and Edge will usually update automatically. If this hasn't happened then you should see an Update button in the top right of your browser.

You can check for updates by going to the following page:

Chrome: chrome://settings/help

Edge: edge://settings/help

Updating Windows: Windows will usually prompt you to update when one is waiting, you can also check for updates yourself:

On Windows 10, Click the Start button and go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update

On Windows 11, go to Start -> Settings -> Windows Update

If you've not recently updated Windows then you might have a few updates waiting. You should install updates (as above) then restart your computer and check for updates again, repeating until all updates have been installed.

Updating Mac: Waiting MacOS updates don't usually cause any issues for Glean. So if you're on a Mac the first thing to try is to simply reset everything. On a Mac you can do a few extra steps to properly reset things:

  1. Quit Chrome (CMD+Q)
  2. Restart your Mac making sure that 'Reopen windows when logging back in' is NOT selected
  3. Hold SHIFT and restart Chrome
  4. Go to glean https://app.glean.co/

If you do need to update your Mac, then head to System Preferences -> Software Update

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