Post Text from Slides

You can post all the text from your slides straight into your feed.

Post Text

Before you can Post your slide's text, you'll need to get your slides into your Glean Event and aligned with your audio (see here: Once you have your slides in your Event:

  1. Find the slide title in your text feed
  2. Hover the cursor over the text
  3. Click the post text from slide button: 

Important - Glean can only extract the text that is accessible in your file. If text has been embedded as an image then it will not be extracted.

Editing Text

Once you've posted your slides text to your feed, you can edit the text like any other notes; simply click and make your changes. You can also tag the text as a Heading, Important, or for Review, using Labels.

Do you want even more options? - If you have an idea for something that we can add to Glean then please let us know at
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