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Glean's Audio Options allow you to change the playback speed and apply our Audio Clean up options to reduce background noise etc.


Audio Clean-up


Playback Speed

Access the Audio Options by clicking the '1x' next to the Play button:

Image showing an Event with the 1x Audio Options button highlighted

Important - Any Glean Events created before November 2020 will need to be updated before you can apply the Audio Clean-up options. Glean will let you know if you need to do this.


Audio Clean-up

Unless you’re working in a sound-proofed recording studio, it’s hard to avoid picking up unwanted noise on audio recordings.

Glean’s Playback Filters have been specifically designed to enhance recorded audio as you listen back - minimising unwanted noise so you can focus on the important stuff being said.

Different noises call for different filters

When you play back the audio in an Event, Glean applies Automatic Filters to improve the clarity and intelligibility of recorded speech (you can turn these off if required).

Plus, since different unwanted noises require different solutions, there are also Optional Filters you can turn on to tackle the specific type of noise you’re dealing with.

Simply use the toggles to turn the filters on/off as needed.

GIF showing the audio options being toggled

Automatic Filters

Some filters are always helpful, so we automatically apply them as you listen back, (you can turn these off if needed):

  • Adjust Volume Automatically  This filter adjusts to changes in volume level, which is useful when the presenter is moving around the room, or when recording multiple speakers. You shouldn't need to reach for the volume control to keep tweaking the volume setting. And there shouldn’t be any sudden, eardrum-troubling increase in volume when you get to that bit where the guy next to you asked a question!
  • Low Pitch Filter Removes rumbles, thuds or other noises at a lower frequency than human speech. Even if your lecturer is Barry White, you don’t need these noises, so this option is always enabled.

Optional Playback Filters

You’ll find all the Playback Filters under the Audio Options menu within an Event. To enable a filter, just click to toggle it on.Here’s an overview of what each filter does, and when to use them:

  • High Pitch Filter  Strips out high pitch noises like whistles or squeaks which are not tackled by the Noise Cancellation filter. Try this one for improving listening comfort with poor or squeaky recordings. A great option if the air-con has a high pitched whine, or your laptop fan squeals as you record.
  • Noise Cancellation Filters out persistent background noises such as hisses, hums or constant background chatter. This filter will very often make a recording more pleasant to listen back to, and is particularly useful if you’re sensitive to environmental or ‘white’ noise.
  • Click Reduction  Reduces keyboard or mouse clicks picked up by your microphone. Great if you type a lot as you record, or only type a little but loudly!

💡 Top tip! Glean’s playback filters do not alter your original recording. Think of them like Instagram filters for your audio! Try out the different options and see which one — or which combination — works best!


Playback Speed

You can adjust the playback speed by clicking the '1x' icon next to the play button and choosing how fast 🐇(or slow 🐢) you need. You can also use the slider to get finer control over the speed (and even go up to 3x).

GIF showing adjusting the playback speed

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