Audio Import

Bring existing audio into Glean! Once your audio is imported you can create amazing multi-media notes (just like when you're recording live).

Important - Glean allows you to import either MP3 or  WAV audio files into your Events. The file size upload limits are 300MB for MP3 files and 1.5GB for WAV files. This is enough for over 2 hours of audio at normal quality levels.

Importing Audio

  1. Click the three dots in the top right
  2. Select Import Audio
  3. Pick your file

Or if you haven't added any audio yet, simply click the Import Audio button in the main feed.

It will take approximately 2 minutes to import an hour of audio and you will need to leave your Event open while the import is being processed. If you close your Event then it will cancel the import.

Info - You can import your audio while offline  - you do not need to be connected to the internet while import the audio.

Importing Multiple Audio Files

If you have multiple audio files that you need in the same Event, then you'll need to import them one at a time. The files will be added to your Event in the order in which you import them.

Index Marks

If you've recorded the audio on a digital recorder then Glean will try to locate index marks in the file. Where an index mark is detected Glean will insert a blank Heading and split your audio accordingly:

Important - We don't support all index marks from  all digital recorders. Glean currently supports index marks from most Olympus, Sony and Philips VoiceTracer recorders. If you have index marks that are not being recognised then please contact us at


  • My Audio isn't MP3 or WAV, what can I do?

    You’ll need to convert your audio file to MP3 or WAV format. There are many tools available for this; check your computer's app store. Your Student Support Team at your College or University should be able to advise on conversion tools available to students. 

  • My files are too large how can I reduce the size?

    Glean's single file limit for audio, is 300MB for MP3 files and 1.5GB for WAV files. This should be enough for over 2 hours of audio with normal audio quality settings. If your file is too large, then you will need to use an audio editing application to either reduce the overall quality of the audio (reducing the file size) or split the file up into multiple parts and import those one at a time.

  • I have recordings in Audio Notetaker how do I get those into Glean?

    Audio Notetaker Project files are multi-media (like Glean) so contain more than just audio. You cannot import the Project file, but you can use Audio Notetaker's export options to create a WAV audio file that you can then import to Glean.

    Open your Project in Audio Notetaker, Select the audio to export (or press CTRL+A to select everything), then go to Export -> Export Selected Audio. You'll then need to change the file format for the export to WAV. Once you have your WAV file you can then import that into Glean. See below for more details on exporting from Audio Notetaker: 



  • I have Video files, can these be imported?

    Unfortunately you cannot import video files into Glean. There are applications available that will be able to create an MP3 or WAV file containing the audio from a video file. You will need to use one of those application to create a file that can be imported.

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