Glean Mobile - Card Groups

When you add any content into your Glean Event it is created as a 'Card'. This could be a text note, image, definition, task etc. A Card is linked to a specific point of time in your audio.

You can place a single card type at any point on your timeline or group relevant cards together in Card Groups.

Adding a new Card to a Group

Create your first Label in the normal way. This can be any kind of content; text, and image, a definition, or a task. You can use the Important and Review Labels (if required). 

Note - The Heading Label does not allow you to create Card Groups
  • Click the three dots icon at the top of the first card and select 'Add Card' to add additional cards to your group. You can add any type of card (excluding Headings). 
  • Repeat to add even more cards

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