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The Glean Mobile app allows you to work with slides in exactly the same way you do when using Glean on a computer.

  1. Import Slides
  2. Post Slides
  3. Replace Slides
  4. Delete Slides
  5. Using PowerPoint slides

Info: The mobile app currently only supports importing PDF files. If you need to add a PowerPoint file then you will have to import the slides from a computer before you can use them in the mobile app. See here.

Import Slides

Info: You can only import PDF files from within the app. If you need to work with a PowerPoint file then you will have to first import the slides from a computer. See Here.

  1. Open or Create an Event
  2. Click import Slides or Use the three dot menu and choose Import Slides
  3. Select your PDF

Post Slides

  1. Import your slides (see above)
  2. Start Recording
  3. Your first slide is automatically posted to your feed
  4. Click 'Post Next Slide' to continue to add your slides
  5. You can also use the arrows to pick a different slide to post

Replace Slides

You can swap in a new set of slides into your Glean Event. This is great if your lecturer sends out an updated slide deck after your class, or you accidentally pick the wrong set of slides to import.

The slide deck associated with your project is replaced entirely, and your feed updated with the new slides. If you skipped, or posted slides out of order, then the same will be done with the new slide deck.

  1. Click the three dots in the top right of your Event
  2. Select Replace Slides
  3. Pick your new file
  4. Confirm by clicking Replace Slides

Delete Slides

If you simply want to remove all your slides, so that you can start over, then use the Delete Slides option. Using this option removes all your slides from the entire project, but keeps all your other content.

  1. Click the three dots in the top right of your Event
  2. Select Delete Slides
  3. Confirm by clicking Delete Slides

Using PowerPoint Slides

Before you can work with your PowerPoint slides in the mobile app, you will need to first upload them using Glean from a computer. (

First upload on your computer

  1. Open Glean (
  2. Create a New Event
  3. Give your Event a Title
  4. Click the Import Slides Button
  5. Select your slides
  6. Close the Event
  7. Make sure that you are online and the file has synchronised (the Cloud icon ☁️ in the top right will have a tick ☑️)

Then download on your mobile device:

  1. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet (Wifi or Mobile Data)
  2. Open the Glean mobile app
  3. Swipe down to refresh your Events list
  4. Open the Event where your slides have been added
  5. Select to download your Event Media 
  6. Click the three dots in the top right
  7. Select Continue Recording
  8. As you Record use the 'Post Slide' and 'Post Next Slide' buttons to sync your slides and audio (see here)

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