Enabling Microsoft Azure and Okta SSO

Glean Sign Up Options

Glean gives users different options for signing up (and signing in) to their Glean account. 
As a Glean Administrator, you can control the available sign-up settings for your users.

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Sign up options

By default, users sign up by using the email address entered for them in Glean Admin, and creating a password. 

You also have several Single Sign On (SSO) options that you can enable on your account. Glean supports Microsoft Azure, Okta and Google SSO.

To enable Azure and Okta we need to configure Glean specificaly for you (see below). You can enable Google SSO from the Glean Admin portal; see here: https://help.glean.co/article/53-enabling-google-single-sign-on

Info - To find out more about Single Sign On check out this article: https://help.glean.co/article/312-single-sign-on-sso

How to enable Azure or Okta SSO for Glean?

Azure or Okta SSO needs to be set up both internally at your organisation and by us at Glean. You'll need to ask your IT team to help with the set-up process.

We'd recommending inviting someone from your IT team to create a normal 'student' Glean account, so that they can test that things are working before you deploy to your users. https://help.glean.co/article/207-inviting-users

When you're ready to set up SSO, please contact support@glean.co and we will kick start the process and send instructions on how to get SSO set-up.

What will students see?

When the Azure or Okta Sign Up option is enabled, invited students will see a "Sign up with SSO" option when they enter the Glean sign-up flow.
  1. Select Sign up with SSO
    (Students still have the option to create Glean-specific credentials at this stage, by selecting Continue and setting up a password.)

  2. Confirm SSO credentials

    N.B. The exact sequence of screens that your users will see may depend on your institutional account’s settings. You may wish to test and document this yourself (e.g. by inviting colleagues). If you are unsure, your IT department should be able to confirm the process.

  3. Create the Account
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