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Important - Transcription is available for most Glean accounts, however it is not part of our "Glean Teams" tier subscription. If you're not sure whether you have access to the feature, then please speak with your account Admin, or contact

Getting your transcript

The Glean mobile app now allows you to request and view your transcription.

Request your transcript

After recording your audio, click the transcription button in the bottom left of the screen and then select 'Transcribe Audio'

GIF showing transcribing an Event

Info - If you are on a mobile data connection then you will be asked whether you want to allow the upload of your audio to generate the transcription.

View your transcript

To view your transcript

  1. Open your Event
  2. Click the transcript button in the bottom left of the screen


  1. Open your Event
  2. Click the three dot menu in the top right of the screen
  3. Select Transcript

Word / Sentence Highlighting

As you play back your audio, the words in your transcript will be highlighted (along with the sentence).

Image showing the transcript being highlighted during playback

Info - This is just the begining of supporting transcription in the Glean Mobile app. If there's something that you would like us to add then please let us know at

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