Supported Devices and Browsers

Glean can be used on any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Supported devices & platforms

Glean Web
Glean is a web application which can be accessed on any laptop or desktop computer through the Chrome web browser.
It works on any operating system: Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and Linux.

Glean Mobile
Glean has both an iOS (iPhone and iPad) and an Android app.

Minimum system requirements

See the latest recommended system requirements for operating Glean on our dedicated web page:

Supported browsers

💻 Desktop web browsers:

Glean is currently tested and supported on the latest versions of  Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for use on a computer (laptop, desktop or Chromebook).
Get the latest version of Google Chrome
Get the latest version of Microsoft Edge

📵 Mobile web browsers:

For Mobile use, we recommend users download the Glean app for iOS or Android.
We don't test extensively on mobile browsers, so we have restricted access to Glean on mobile browsers. 
Download iOS app
Download Android app

Signing up for Glean

You can follow the sign-up link from an invite email and register your Glean account on any browser on any device.

You will then see a message advising you to access Glean in a supported web browser (on a computer), or to download the Glean mobile app.

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