Glean Early Access Agreement

The Glean Early Access Program 

Thank you for being part of the Glean Early Access Program. 🙌
Your feedback will contribute to what we hope will become the primary solution for supporting students requesting note-taking accommodations in higher education. 

We have been overwhelmed with the reaction to Glean so far and have already exceeded our capacity to manage the number of institutions who have expressed an interest to try Glean with their students. With that in mind, we wanted to outline our expectations of your participation during the program to ensure the success of every participant. 

By participating in the Glean Early Access Program I agree to the following: 

  • I will invite as many users as I need to understand Glean’s viability for my institution, with a minimum of 10 student users.
  • I will participate in the Glean Early Access Program Welcome Webinar.
  • I will strive to ensure the implementation of Glean is successful.
  • I understand that support for administrators on the program is primarily delivered through the Glean Early Access Program website, the Glean Help Center, the Weekly Office Hours and the Early Access Community. Account Managers may take up to 5 days to respond to inquiries. 
  • I agree to provide anonymized feedback with the Glean Team from students, administrators and any other stakeholders involved in the Program.
Please notify us if your circumstances have changed and you wish to leave the program in order to free your space up for someone else. Please note, the Glean team reserves the right to remove an institution from the Early Access Program if these criteria are not met.

Further Important Information 

  • Although we cannot make any guarantees, it is likely Glean will be available for purchase by the end of March 2020. 
  • Glean is a product in BETA, which means: 
    • Glean is currently available ONLY on desktop (Windows or Mac), and is restricted to the Chrome browser. 
    • Users may experience major and minor bugs; but these should be easily reported for fixes. 
    • Frequent updates should be expected; though they should not cause interruption to the user. 
    • While we will make every effort to prevent loss of data, Sonocent is not responsible for any loss of data. 
  • We cannot guarantee access to usage data during the trial for your institutional Glean account, or associated user accounts. If this is essential in order to make a decision about purchasing Glean, please speak to your Account Manager. 
  • Students can receive direct support from the Glean team through the Glean application itself. 
  • Institutional Glean Accounts created for a pilot will be provided for the duration of the institution's Spring semester. There are no longer-term guarantees of continuation of service beyond 19th June 2020 unless agreed with your Account Manager.
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