Adding Slides to an Event (after recording)

Here's a step-by-step guide to adding slides to your Event after you've finished recording:

  1. Open the Event that you want to add slides to.
  2. Click on the Event Options menu - the three vertical dots next to your Event name - then select Import Slides.
  3. Find the file you want to import, and double click (or select open) to add it to your Event.
    The full file is imported, ready for you to start adding slides to your Feed.

  4. To add your first slide at the beginning of your recording, just click Post Slide.
    You’ll see the slide is added to your Feed and your Audio Stream.
  5. To add other slides to your Feed, just play back (or navigate) to the appropriate place in your recording.
    When you are ready to add your next slide, use the arrow buttons to navigate to the slide you want, and click Post Slide.

Get picky!
You can add all of the slides in the file to your Feed, or just select the ones that you need.
(You can still access any unused slides in the slide panel, but they won’t be shown in your Feed, or be displayed as you play back your audio.)

More slides updates coming soon!

Lots of you got in touch with us to request this feature, because you don’t always get lecture slides ahead of class. 
We wanted to give you this option as soon as we could, but we’ve got further slides updates in the pipeline.... 🤩

At the moment, aligning slides with your recording after class is a manual process. 
We’re actively working on a way for you to add slide markers during class, so you can easily sync everything up when you do get your hands on the slides later on. 🙌

So watch this space for further updates - and get in touch if you have any feedback!

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