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    Glean supports 3 different Recording Options:

    1. Record from Microphone.
    2. Record Screen Audio.
    3. Record Screen Audio & Mic.

    In this article:

    Recording Options Overview

    Learn more about the different recording options, and when you might use them.


    Record from Microphone

    This is the default recording option.
    When you click Record (the pink microphone button), Glean will start recording audio through your device's microphone.

    🏫 Use this recording option when you are attending a class or meeting in person.

    👉 Find out more: see our Getting Started article.


    Record Screen Audio

    This option allows you to record audio from sources you access on your computer - such as videos or live-streamed lectures.

    When you select Record Screen Audio, you will be prompted to select the audio source that Glean will record.
    Glean will ONLY record the sound coming from the source you select, and will not record any sound through your microphone.

    This means:

    • Your recording won't capture any pesky keyboard clicks, or unwanted noise from your environment. 🙌
    • If you contribute to the class or a discussion, your speech will not be recorded into Glean. For collaborative sessions, we recommend you use the Record Screen Audio & Mic option.
    🎦 Use this recording option for lectures or webinars where you will be listening but not participating.

    👉 Find out more: Jump to the step by step guide on recording screen audio.


    Record Screen Audio & Mic

    This option allows you to record from both your microphone and a second audio source. When you select Record Screen Audio & Mic, you will be prompted to select the audio source that Glean will record.

    Glean will record sound coming from the source you select, AND your microphone. 

    This means:

    • Anything you say is captured, along with the audio from the selected source. 🙌
    • Your microphone may also pick up ambient noise from your environment. You may want to use a headset with a built-in microphone, to reduce capture of ambient noise. 🎧
    🙋 Use this recording option for collaborative meetings or seminars where you’ll want to record your own input too.

    👉 Find out more: Jump to the step by step guide on recording screen audio.

    Step by Step Guide to Recording Screen Audio


    Open an Event as Usual:

    • Click 'New Event' or Open an existing Event.

    New Event button


    Select your Recording Option:

    • You'll find the Screen Audio recording options underneath the Record Button.
    • Click (or tab to and select) the down arrow.
    • Select your preferred Recording Option from:
      • Record Screen Audio
      • Record Screen Audio & Mic

    🤔 Not sure which option to choose? Our Recording Options Overview should help you pick the best option for your Event.

    Tell Glean which Chrome Tab to Record:

    Once you've selected a Recording Option, a dialog will open:

    • Select 'Chrome Tab'. 
    • Select the specific tab where your audio, video, or live stream will be played.
      (N.B. even if there is only one tab listed, you need to click to select it!)
    • Tick the 'Share audio' checkbox (bottom left).
    • Click 'Share'
    • Screenshot of steps described above for telling Glean which browser tab to record
    • Recording will begin immediately - Glean will capture any sound coming from the tab you selected.
    • Ensure the audio source is playing in your selected tab.

    Take Your Notes:

    • Navigate back to your Glean tab to start taking notes on the browser audio.
    The browser will display a banner stating that you are sharing audio with Glean:

    Screenshot of banner which reads "Sharing this tab to" and includes a Stop button.

    DON'T press STOP on this banner or Glean won't be able to record the audio for you.

    • Take notes as you normally would 😃

    End the Recording:

    When the online audio, video or live stream is over and you wish to stop recording:

    • Click 'Stop' in Glean:
      • The browser banner will disappear automatically.

    • You can now stop playback from online audio, video, or live stream.


    Seeing an 'Unable to Record Browser Tab Audio' message?

    • This message displays if the steps above are not completed correctly and Glean is unable to access audio from your computer.
      • Ensure you are using the 'Chrome Tab' option and select the 'share audio' checkbox in Step 3 above.
    • Share Audio checkbox and Share button.Failure to check the 'Share audio' checkbox is the most common reason for seeing this message!

      No Audio Being Recorded?

      If no audio is detected from the selected tab, Glean will show a flat line:

      1. Ensure the online audio, video or live stream is playing in the tab you selected to record from.
      2. Try stopping recording and run through the process again.
      3. Make sure that you haven't pressed 'STOP' on the Chrome banner.

      Need to record from a desktop application (e.g. Zoom meetings)?

      Some webinar applications will ask you to download a desktop application or desktop client to join online meetings. 

      Commonly-used applications which do this include:

      • Zoom
      • GoToMeeting
      • Webex

      The steps outlined above apply to recording from a browser tab only, and will not work if you are accessing a webinar via a (downloaded) desktop application.

      You can still use Glean to capture audio from these applications, but the options available to you depend on your operating system:

      Windows, Mac & Chromebook:
      Most webinar services which default to opening as a desktop application should allow you to capture the audio you need by opening the service in a browser instead.

      👉 Find out more about working with applications that default to desktop download (e.g. Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex)

      Windows Only:
      Windows users have the option to record audio playing from a desktop application. 

      👉 Find out more about recording from a desktop application (Windows only)

      Unfortunately, due to Operating System restrictions, this option is not available to Mac or Chromebook users.

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