Recording from a Desktop Application (Windows only)

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If you are a Windows user, you can use Glean to record audio playing from a desktop application.

When might I record from a desktop application?

  • When joining an online meeting in a desktop application or desktop client, such as:
    • Zoom desktop client.
    • GoToMeeting desktop app.
    • Webex Meetings desktop app
  • When taking notes on an audio file or video which you have downloaded to your computer.

On Windows, you can use Glean to record audio directly from these sources, with just a couple of clicks. 
N.B. Unfortunately, due to Operating System restrictions, this option is not available to Mac or Chromebook users.

In this article:

Step by Step


Open an Event as Usual:

  • Click 'New Event' or Open an existing Event.

New Event button


Select your Recording Option:

  • You'll find the Screen Audio recording options underneath the Record Button:Arrow under the Record Button
  • Click (or tab to and select) the down arrow.
  • Select your preferred Recording Option:

    🤔 Not sure which option to choose?

    🎦 Use Record Screen Audio for lectures or webinars where you will be  listening but not participating.

    🙋 Use Record Screen Audio & Mic  for collaborative meetings or seminars where you’ll want to record your own input too.

    Check out our Recording Options Overview for more information.


Tell Glean What to Record:

Once you've selected a Recording Option, a dialog window will open:

  • Select 'Your Entire Screen'.
Do NOT select the Application Window option. This option does not allow for sharing audio, and Glean will tell you off!
  • Select the screen you wish to share.
    (N.B. even if there is only one option available, you need to click to select it!)
  • Tick the 'Share audio' checkbox (bottom left).
  • Click 'Share':

  • Recording will begin immediately - Glean will capture any sound coming from the tab you selected.
  • Ensure the audio source is playing in your selected tab. 🎵

Take Your Notes:

  • Navigate back to Glean to start taking notes.
  • Take notes as you normally would 😃

End the Recording:

When the video or webinar finishes and you wish to stop recording:

  • Click 'Stop' in Glean:
    • The sharing banner will disappear automatically.

  • You can now close the desktop application you were recording from.


Seeing an 'Unable to Record Screen Audio' message?

  • This message displays if the steps above are not completed correctly and Glean is unable to access audio from your computer.
  • Ensure you are using the 'Your Entire Screen' option and select the 'share audio' checkbox in Step 3 above.

Share Audio checkbox and Share button.Failure to check the 'Share audio' checkbox is the most common reason for seeing this message!

No Audio Being Recorded?

If no audio is detected from the selected screen, Glean will show a flat line:

Need to Record from a Desktop Application on a Mac?

Unfortunately, due to Operating System restrictions, the option to record audio from a desktop application is not available to Mac Users.

Some services which may default to opening as a desktop application (e.g. e.g. Zoom and GoToMeeting) may allow you to capture the audio you need, by forcing the meeting to open in a browser window. 

👉 Find out more about working with applications that default to desktop download here.

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