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Users invited to your Glean account will automatically inherit the same expiration date as your institutional subscription.
Currently, it is not possible to set individual expiry dates for users in advance (this is something we're working on)

However, if a Signed Up user within your Glean account leaves the institution, or stops needing Glean, you can expire their access with immediate effect.

What does "expiring user access" do?

  • Expiring a user frees up a seat in your account: Expired users do not count towards your user limit.
    N.B. They will continue to appear in your user list for the time being.
  • Users lose full access to Glean immediately upon being expired, but their Events and data are kept intact and they enter our institutional user 'offboarding' process.

How to expire a user:

Find the user you want to expire, then click on the Additional Options menu (the three dots to the left of the user's name).
Select Expire User Access:

The "Expire User Access" option under "Additional Options" in Glean Admin.

A confirmation message is shown, explaining what happens next:
The user will be immediately removed from your institution's seat count.
The user will have edit-only access to their notes until the date specified (as per our institutional user 'offboarding' process).

Click Expire User.
  • The user's expiration date is updated to today's date.
  • The user's Status is updated to "Expired".
    (You may need to refresh the page for the status update to take effect).
  • The user will receive an email confirming that their access has been expired.
  • If the user had an admin role, this will automatically be removed. They will lose access to Glean Admin with immediate effect.

Accidentally expired a user's access?

Don't panic! The action can easily be undone, and the user's access restored.
Simply click on the Additional Options menu again (the three dots next to the user's name), and select "Reactivate User Access".

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