Offboarding stages for institution-managed accounts

N.B. This article does not apply if you have your own personal subscription to Glean, e.g. a Glean Pay Monthly plan in your own name.
If you are unsure, find your Plan or Provider details under your Account in Glean.

If you have an institution-managed Glean account (e.g. your access is provided by your university), your institution's Glean admin controls when your access ends.

To ensure that you don't lose access to your Events and notes straight away, your account goes through multiple stages before being deleted.
We call these stages "offboarding".

Overview of offboarding stages for an institution-provided Glean account:

Active Expired (Edit-Only) 
(90 days)
(+9 months*) 
(12 - 18 months**)
Full access to Glean. Edit-Only access to Glean: 

Access & edit all existing content
(Collections, Events, notes)

Unable to create new Events or record audio.

No access to Glean:

Your content remains intact and can be 
accessed by reactivating your account.
All user data and content is permanently

* At the end of the 90-day 'Expired' stage, accounts are 'Deactivated'. The 'Deactivated' stage lasts for a minimum of 9 months, i.e. until 12 months after your subscription expiry date.

** 12 months after your subscription ends accounts are marked for deletion. Accounts and any account data and user content may be deleted after 12 months, and will be deleted no later than 18 months after expiration.

How do I get back full access to Glean?

At any time before you account is deleted you can reactivate your account and regain access to your Events and notes, either by requesting that your admin renews your access, or by setting up a personal subscription.

Further information

More information on account termination can be found in the Glean Service Agreement: (Section 12: Termination).

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