Your Glean Account: Provider Details

N.B. This article does not apply if you have an individual subscription to Glean, e.g. Glean Pay Monthly. 

Where to find details of your Account Provider

If your Glean access is provided by your university, college, or other organization, you'll see Provider details under the Account menu. 

  • Click the Account icon (top right in Glean web):

Account menu open in Glean

The Provider tab

  • To see further account details, click your Provider name from the menu.
    The Account window will open on the Provider tab:

Provider tab under Your Account

The Provider tab contains the following info about your Glean account and your provider:

  • Account Provider: Name of the institution which manages your Glean access. 
  • Account Administrator: Contact email for your institution's Glean administrator.
    This is a good place to start if you have any questions about your access.
  • Account Expiration Date: This is when your Glean access is scheduled to expire.
    (N.B. Your Glean Administrator reserves the right to alter your account expiration date, and/or remove your access without prior warning).

When your institution-provided access expires:

When your institution-provided Glean access ends, you'll continue to see Provider details on the Provider tab.
You may want to contact your Account Admin to discuss your access.

You will also see the option to Switch to a Personal Plan.
Clicking this button will launch our secure payment portal, where you can set up an individual subscription to Glean:

Learn more:

What happens when your institution-provided access ends

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