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You can invite colleagues to join your Glean account as admins.
When inviting admins, bear in mind that each admin will occupy a seat of your Glean Plan.

Admins occupy seats on your Glean plan
E.g. If you have a 100 seat subscription and 5 admins, you'll have 95 seats available to assign to users.

How to invite a new admin:

N.B. this applies only to users without an existing Glean account.
Follow these steps to assign the admin role to an existing user.

Select Invite User.
Enter the user's details (email and, optionally, name), as you normally would.
Select the Admin role from the Select Role (Optional) dropdown:

The "Invite User" window in Glean Admin, with the "Admin" role selected.

Click Invite User.
  • The invited user will immediately appear in your user table, with a blue "Admin" badge against their name.
  • An email is sent to the user, inviting them to join your Glean account as an Admin.
  • Once the user completes sign up, they will be logged in to your institution's Glean Admin account
Accidentally invited a user with the Admin role?

Don't panic! Just withdraw the invitation and invite that user again (without the role selected).
If the user has already signed up, you'll just need to follow the instructions to withdraw a user's admin role .

Want to give existing users admin powers?⚡

Need to remove admins?

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