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An institutional Glean account must always have at least one admin.
If your account has multiple admins, you can withdraw the admin role from other users.

Identifying admins

Account admins are identified with a blue "Admin" badge in your user table:

Withdrawing the admin role

Bear in mind that withdrawing the admin role from an existing user will not remove them from your Glean account, or free up a seat of your Plan.

To withdraw the admin role from an existing user:

Click on the Additional Options menu (the three dots in the Actions column, to the left of the user's name).
Select Edit User:

You'll see "Organisation Admin" is selected under Select Role (Optional).
Just click the small cross to clear the role:

Click Save Changes.
  • An email is sent to the user, notifying them that their admin role has been withdrawn.
  • This user will immediately lose access to Glean Admin.
  • They will still be able to log in to the Glean app (web and mobile).
  • The blue "Admin" badge will be removed from this user in Glean Admin.
N.B. Removing the admin role in this way does not remove the user from your account
The user will continue to have access to the Glean app, and to occupy a seat of your Glean plan.

To remove an Admin user from your account altogether, use the Expire User Access option.
The user's admin role will be removed, and their access expired simultaneously. They will enter our usual institutional user offboarding process.

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