Joining an organisation's Glean account

If your college or university has its own Glean account, you can be added to their account, even if you already have a Glean account of your own.

What changes when you join an institution’s account?

You will notice very little change in your Glean experience! 

Subscription fees - The institution will cover the cost of your Glean subscription as long as you are part of their account 🙌

Your notes - Your notes remain completely private - the account administrator can't make changes to your account, listen to audio you’ve recorded, or view any of your Events or collections. 

Usage data - The institution’s Glean administrator will see basic information about your usage of Glean. Specifically, when you were last active in Glean. This is shown as a status, based on when you last created or edited an Event:

Active Event created or edited within the last 14 days
Recent Event created or edited between 15-28 days ago
Dormant Event created or edited over 28 days ago

Access expiry - The account admin will control when your Glean access expires. 

Plan Details - You will find information about your institution-provided Glean access via the Account menu (top right in Glean web).

How joining an institution account works 

The process for joining depends on the email address being used. Your email address is your username for Glean.


Using the same email address as your existing Glean account:

Joining an institution is really easy if the Glean administrator invites you using the same email address as your existing Glean account.

In this case:

  • You will receive an email invite -
    Click to show the email example

  • Join the institution’s account with 2 quick clicks:
  1. Click the Respond now button - this will open a confirmation page:
    Click to show the page

  2. Select Join Account - you’ll be instantly added to the institution’s account, and you’ll see a confirmation:
    Click to show the page

Important- You must follow these steps to be added to the institution’s account. If you take no action your account and access to Glean will remain unchanged.


Using a different email address to your existing Glean account:

If you have an existing Glean account using a personal email address and you then accept an invite from your institution using your university address, then this will result in you having 2 separate Glean accounts.

If this happens, you may want to speak to the institutional account admin about using your existing account (if you are happy sharing your personal email address with them for this purpose) or get in touch with us at and we can advise how best to proceed.

Already signed up to an institutional account using a 2nd email address? 

Please let us know as soon as possible on - we can usually advise how to get everything working under a single email account.

Declining an invitation

If you receive an invite to join an institution’s Glean account, but you would prefer not to join for any reason, simply decline the invitation:

  1. You will receive an email invite -
    Click to show the email example

  2. Click the Respond now button - this will open a confirmation page:
    Click to show the page

  3. Select Don't Join and you'll see a confirmation page
    Click to show the page

Important - You can also simply ignore the invite email, but please note you may receive reminder invite emails unless you take this step to decline the invitation.

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