Having trouble Signing in?

This troubleshooting guide should get you back up and running.

Why am I seeing an error?

Sign in page with error, your sign in details are incorrect, please try again.

If you see the message “Your sign in details are incorrect, please try again” when attempting to sign in to Glean, either the email address or password you are entering are not recognised by our system.

You can find out more about resetting your password here: How do I reset my password?

What is my sign in email?

Your sign in email is the exact email address your Glean invite email was sent to.

If you have been invited to use Glean by your college or university, your sign in email is assigned by the Glean Administrator at your institution. This will typically be your university-provided email account.

Using the right email alias

The email address you use to sign in must exactly match the information held in our system.

You may have multiple email aliases linked to a single email account (e.g. walter.llamaman@glean.edu; wl2007@glean.edu; walter@llamas.glean.edu). To check which email alias is your sign in email, search your email for messages from hello@glean.co and check the “to” field for the exact email address used.

Retrieving your sign in email

If you don't remember your sign in email, search every email account you use for messages from hello@glean.co, to check which email address we hold for you.

If you still can't locate your Glean login details, you can either:

  • Contact the Glean Administrator for your institution. If you are not sure who this is, try the department which provided you with access to Glean.


  • Contact our Support team via the Contact Us link on the Glean sign in page or at support@glean.co
    • We take users’ account security seriously, and our Support team will need to verify ownership of your account before any information can be shared or changed. When contacting our Support team for help with signing in, please provide the following information:
      • Name of the institution which provided your access to Glean (if appropriate).
      • Your full name.
      • Your email address and/or any email aliases your account may be linked to.
    • N.B. Our Support team do not have access to your password.
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