Mac / Chromebooks / Linux Screen Recording

This article is for users on Mac, Chromebook or Linux. If you are a Windows user then check out this article:

Important: You can only record the audio playing in a 2nd browser tab. The option to record from a specific application or your entire screen does not work, as your computer does not share those audio feeds.


Select your Recording Option:

  • Click the Record button (Recording won't start immediately.)
  • Select Screen Audio

    If you want to capture what you are contributing then pick the option with '& Mic'

Image showing the record button with arrows pointing to the Screen Audio, and Screen Audio & Mic options.


Tell Glean what you want to Record:

Once you've selected a Recording Option, a dialog will open:

  1. Select 'Chrome Tab'

    ( You cannot use the other options)  

  2. Select the specific tab where your audio, video, or live stream will be played.
    (N.B. even if there is only one tab listed, you have to click to select it!)
  3. Tick the 'Share audio' checkbox (bottom left).
  4. Click 'Share'

  • Recording will begin immediately - Glean will capture any sound coming from the tab that you selected.
  • Ensure the audio source is playing in your selected tab.

Pause Recording - Need to pause recording? Now you can. Just press the ⏸ button! Find out more here:


Take Your Notes:

  • Navigate back to your Glean tab to start taking notes on the browser audio.
The browser will display a banner stating that you are sharing audio with Glean:

Screenshot of banner which reads "Sharing this tab to" and includes a Stop button.

DON'T press STOP on this banner or Glean won't be able to record the audio for you.

  • Take notes as you normally would 😃
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