Glean Mobile - Playing Audio

You can start playback using the Play button at the bottom of the Screen. 

You can change the playback speed by clicking the ' 1x' on the right and picking a new playback speed.

As your audio plays back your Labels and text will be highlighted.

Top Tip - Click the 1x button to adjust the playback speed, and to configure your Audio Clean-up settings. There's more information here:

Skipping Audio

You can move through the audio by dragging the slider above the Play/Pause button


Use the skip arrows alongside the Play Button to jump 5 seconds forward or backward through your audio.

Playing back a Label

You can also play back a specific Label. Click on the Label to view and click play. 

You can also edit the Label, change the text or delete the whole entry

Adding more Labels

during playback you can continue to add even more labels. Just click the blue button and your label in the usual way.

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