Manage user access

You have two options for managing user's access to Glean:

Expire User Access
Set an Expiry Date

Expire User Access

Expiring User Access immediately moves the user into the off-boarding stages.

Click the Action Menu (three dots) next to their name and select Expire User Access. 

In the pop-up message confirm that you want to Expire Access and the account will immediately enter off-boarding.

Set an Expiry Date

You can set an expiry date for each user when you invite them and once they have signed up and created their Glean account.

Each user's expiry date can be seen in the dashboard. If no date is set then the user will have access to Glean until your Org account expires.

To set or change an expiry date, use the Action Menu (three dots) next to the user's name and select Edit User.

You can set an expiry date using the date picker, and click Save Changes. User's do not get notified of a change in expiry date. Users will receive an email in the last 7 days of access letting them know their access is about to expire and what to do next.

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