What happens when a subscription ends?

If your Glean subscription ends, or you remove a user's access to Glean then the account goes through multiple stages before it is ultimately deleted.
We refer to these stages as 'offboarding'.

This ensures that your users have time to access notes they have created in Glean after your subscription ends.

Offboarding Stages

When a subscription ends, your account and your users' accounts go through the following stages: Expired / Deactivated / Deleted. 

The 'Expired' stage starts immediately after your subscription reaches its end date.

Overview of offboarding stages for a Glean organization account:

Active Expired
(90 days)
(+9 months*)
(12 - 18 months**)
Users have normal access to Glean. Users have Edit-Only access to Glean:
they can access all existing content.
Users cannot access Glean.

Users' content remains intact and can be
accessed through reactivation or requested for download.
All user data and content is permanently

Admins have normal access to Glean
and Glean Admin.
Admins have Edit-Only access to Glean.

Admins cannot access Glean Admin.

The organization account can be reactivated
with all data and user content intact.
Admins cannot access Glean or Glean Admin.

The organization account can be reactivated
with all data and user content intact.
All account data is permanently deleted.

The organization account cannot be reactivated
other than by creating a new account from scratch.

* At the end of the 90-day 'Expired' stage, accounts are 'Deactivated'. The 'Deactivated' stage lasts for a minimum of 9 months, i.e. until 12 months after your subscription expiry date.
** 12 months after your subscription ends, 
accounts are marked for deletion. Accounts and any account data and user content  may be deleted after 12 months, and will be deleted no later than 18 months after expiration.

Offboarding Notifications

Users will see offboarding notifications displayed within Glean throughout the 'Expired' stage.

We will also attempt to contact users by email to notify them of changes to their access at each stage. 
Users will be able to request a download of their content (i.e. notes they have created in Glean) prior to permanent deletion.

Further information

More information on account termination can be found in the Glean Service Agreement: https://legal.glean.co/service-agreement/ (Section 12: Termination).

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