User given Admin role by mistake

Accidents happen. If you've given a user the Admin Role by mistake you can easily fix this.

Has the User already signed up and created their Glean account?

If their Glean status is 'signed up' then you can quickly remove their Admin privileges. Click the Action Menu (three dots) next to their name and Edit User. You can then select 'None' from the Role dropdown.

Image showing the Action button with Edit User highlighted

Is the user just at the Invited stage?

If their Glean status is 'Invited' then you will need to withdraw their invitation and then contact us to remove that from the system.

To withdraw the invite, click the Action Menu (three dots) next to their name and select Withdraw Invitation. 

Next email us at with the details of the user you invited. We will then delete them from the system, which will allow you to send the correct invitation.

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