Is Glean accessible?

Our vision is to make Glean accessible to as many people as possible.
This is an ongoing process, and this article covers where we are at right now.

We're designing for you, so we always want to know how you think Glean can be more accessible.
To share your feedback, or get more information, please email us on, or use the Get in touch link via the Glean main menu.

Topics in this article:

Is Glean WCAG compliant?

Glean already meets some Level AA areas of WCAG 2.0 standards, and we're working towards full AA conformance. 

Screen reader support

Glean is regularly tested with screen readers to ensure compatibility.
We test using JAWS 2017-2020, NVDA and Apple VoiceOver.

Our aim is to ensure screen reader users have just as good an experience of Glean as visual users.

This is an ongoing process, and occasionally some issues slip past us in testing.

Limitations that we are currently working to fix:

  • Unable to sort Events on the Event List.
  • Unable to see cloud sync status in the Glean header bar.

If you do notice any issues or have any suggestions for improvement then we would love to hear from you, we are always trying to improve Glean for everybody.

Changing the appearance of Glean

Color and contrast

All text elements within the Glean interface meet WCAG 2 Level AA standards.
Glean does not currently include customizable color or contrast settings. 
You can change the appearance of Glean by installing free web extensions such as Dark Reader for Chrome* [last tested 17/10/2019].


Glean uses a print-disability-friendly sans serif font: Nunito Sans.

Glean does not include in-built options to change the font.
You can change the appearance of text in Glean using web extensions which change the default font for your browser, such as Open Dyslexic for Chrome* [last tested 17/10/2019]

Text Size

Text within Glean has been designed to be responsive to a user's browser settings. Font size is defined in relative units ( rem), and will reflect the user's chosen display settings.
The Glean interface supports the "Very Large" font size in Chrome.
For more information on changing the default font size in the Chrome browser, see:*

Page Zoom

Glean is usable at a page zoom of 200%, although some interface elements are hidden at this zoom level.
Currently, the full interface can be viewed at 150% zoom.

Support for keyboard-only access

Glean has been designed with keyboard accessibility in mind, and is fully usable without mouse input.


You can navigate between different parts of Glean without using a mouse.

Keyboard focus is indicated with a visible outline:

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can navigate through and interact with the Glean interface using common keyboard interactions (e.g. Tab to navigate and Enter to select).
We've tried to ensure that navigation order is logical, and keyboard focus is indicated with a visible outline.

Glean also supports keyboard-only annotation workflows.
A full list of Keyboard shortcuts can be found here: Keyboard Shortcuts

Our accessibility commitments:

1. Accessibility is a core design principle of Glean, and will be considered from the start when developing new features and functionality.
2. Our Development Team has a designated Accessibility Champion
  • Our Champion has implemented 'Accessibility Tuesdays' - a full day every week is dedicated to working through a backlog of Accessibility improvements.
3. We are committed to working with external consultants, testers and organizations to get continuous feedback on the accessibility of Glean.
  • We are currently working with digital accessibility specialists AbilityNet.
4. Actively participate in and share knowledge within the digital accessibility community.
  • Members of Glean's Product and Development teams actively participate in our local digital accessibility focus group, Accessibility Leeds.

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