Keyboard Shortcuts in Glean

Keyboard shortcuts help you navigate and use Glean super-efficiently ⚡ and with minimal effort 🙌 

Below is a full list of current Glean shortcuts to use:

You can also use your usual undo and redo shortcuts when working in your Event:

Action Windows Mac


Turn off shortcuts if they interfere with how you work

To turn the keyboard shortcuts off, go to the Account menu in the top right of Glean and select Settings. You will find a toggle to disable keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top right of Glean and select Settings:

  2. Use the toggle to disable/enable keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts to use while recording

Text note shortcuts:

Use the following shortcuts with focus in the text box:

Keys Action
Enter Post your note to the feed
Shift + Enter Start a new line in your text note
Up Arrow Edit the last note you posted

Shortcuts for adding labels:

Forward slash keyQuick Actions 
Use Quick Actions with focus in the Text Box:

Keys Action
/h Mark your note as a heading
/i Give your note an important label
/r Give your note a review label
/t Give your note a  task label
/image Add an Image
/screenshot Take a Screenshot (while recording screen audio)

N.B. To apply labels with these Quick Actions, you must press Space or Enter once you've typed the label shortcut.

Learn more about using Quick Actions.


Lightning Mode icon (toggled on)Lightning Mode ⚡

To use the shortcuts below, first enable Lightning Mode, by clicking the lightning icon next to the “Add note” text box. 

Keys Action
1 Post a Heading
2 Post an Important label
3 Post a Review label
4 Post a Task label
5 Add an Image
6 Take a Screenshot (while recording screen audio)

Learn more about using Lightning Mode.

Shortcuts when working with slides:

If you have added slides to your Event, use this shortcut to post the current slide to your Feed as your record:

Keys Action
Control + Enter Post a slide                                  

Shortcuts to use when reviewing:

Audio Shortcuts

Use the following shortcut to play and pause audio when you come back to review an Event:

Keys Action
Control + Space Play and pause audio                  

Using Shortcuts with Screen Readers:

Some Glean shortcuts may be different when using a screen reader.
Screen readers make use of many shortcuts to help navigate an application, which may conflict with shortcuts that Glean itself tries to use.

If you want to type a shortcut in Glean while using a screen reader then you will need to press some extra keys;

Screen Reader Keys
NVDA Insert + F2
JAWS Caps Lock + 3
VoiceOver Control + Option + Tab

These keys are the default keys for each screen reader, however they can be configured and changed within the screen reader itself. If you have customised your screen reader then you will need to use the keys you specified to pass the next shortcut through to Glean.

These key combinations must be used before you use the Glean shortcut. For example, to post a slide while using NVDA you must first press “Insert + F2” and then press “CTRL + Enter”.

Want to shortcut a task that's not on the list?

Let us know!

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