Focus Timer

Do you ever feel like you’re not making the most of your study time? You're not alone. 
The Focus Timer enables you to undertake short, focused bursts of study to learn more efficiently and effectively.

Setting the Timer

Open one of your Events.
Click the Focus Timer button in the top right.

Image showing the focus timer icon

Pick how long you want your study session to be and click 'Start Timer'. You can choose 10, 15 or 30-minute sessions. 

Timer pop-up showing the different timer durations

You're all set! The timer will count down showing how long you have left in your session.

Image showing the timer counting down

Once your time ends you'll get a summary of what you did to your Event.

image showing timer completed

About the Pomodoro Technique

Breaking down your work into short manageable sessions lets you focus on completing the task at hand, without being overwhelmed by the bigger piece of work. The Pomodoro Technique is just one way to achieve this. (

Image showing Glean with a definition about the pomodoro timer

Did you know? - You can post definitions into your Glean feed. See here to find out how:

This is just the start. We'll be adding more tools to help you integrate your Glean Events into your studies. Have an idea of something you'd like us to add? Please let us know at

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