Definition Cards

Definition Cards allow you to quickly find out more about a subject and keep that information in your Glean Event alongside all your other notes.

Glean will look-up your word in Wikipedia and bring a definition into your Feed. You'll also get a link so you can jump out to Wikipedia to read the full article.

If Wikipedia can't find an exact match for your search you'll be given a list of definitions to choose from: see here

Tip - You can also add a definition using the Quick Action -   /Define or the shortcut ALT+W
Tip - You can also Group relevant information together in Groups, see here for more detail: Card Groups

Click the definition Icon next to your Label buttons:

Add the word(s) you wan't to look-up:

Your definition is added to your feed!

Tip - Click the black dot next to the Wikipedia logo and you can switch this to one of the the other label types.


What does that mean? 

If you search for something, Wikipedia might have several different pages covering different meanings for the same word or phrase. For example, searching for "Mercury" could bring up a page about the Planet or the Element (and a few more things). If this happens Glean will show you list of all the pages that might match your search. You'll need to pick the correct entry and your definition will be added to your Glean Feed.

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