Why do I need more than one Admin?

Info - Admins do not take up a seat on your account, so you can have as many as you need to help manage your account (within reason). See here: https://help.glean.co/article/209-inviting-admins

  1. Prevent Lock Out
  2. Share the Load
  3. Help when you're unavailable
  4. What if I'm just a team of one?
  5. Inviting Admins

Prevent Lock Out

Data Protection is really important at Glean; so we are limited on what help we can give to someone who is not the end user, or who is not an Admin.

By setting up additional team members with Admin access it allows your whole team to be involved in suporting users. And importantly lets us discuss the account with your team if/when they need help.

Share the load

Extra Admins don't take up any space on your acount, so your team can help you manage users; send invites, extend access etc. You're not on your own.

Help when you're unavailable

It's important to have additional Admins on your acount so that you can continue to provide access to Glean should one of you be unavailable.

If you're away for the day, off sick, caught in a meeting, or leave your role, then someone can still be on hand to help your users.

What if I'm just a team of one?

We'd still recommend finding someone else who can be set up as an Admin on the account.

They don't need to actively use Glean day-to-day. But as a signed up Admin on your account we can always discuss things with them, should you be unavailable. We can also guide them through managing users, or inviting a new Admin on to the account.

Inviting Admins

Admins can be invited to Glean exactly like your other users; just give them the Administrator role when sending the inviation.

There's more help on inviting Admins here: https://help.glean.co/article/209-inviting-admins

Important - Each user needs to have their own Glean account. Using shared accounts is really bad for you own data security (and is against our Service Agreement).

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