How do I export or share notes?

There are 2 ways you can export notes you've created in Glean:

1. Copy your notes

Click the three dot menu at the top of your Feed within an Event, and you'll see a Copy Notes option.

Image showing there expanded Event Options menu, with Copy Notes and Import Slides shown

Clicking Copy will copy all of the notes in your Feed to your clipboard.
Just open your preferred program - Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Dropbox Paper - and paste your notes in.
Your digital copy contains a link back to your Event in Glean, so you can quickly return to your Event if needed.

2. Print your notes

Want to have a printed copy of your notes to read on the bus, or share with a classmate? 
At the top of your Feed, within an Event, select  Reading Mode:

Image showing the reading mode icon  highlighted

You'll see a print-ready version of your notes (complete with slides, if you've added any). 
Click Print to print your notes either on paper, or digitally as a PDF.

Sharing Events and audio recordings

It is not currently possible to share entire Events, or to download / share your audio recordings.

Is sharing a feature you'd like us to develop further?

Let us know!

We'd love to know how or when you would use a sharing feature - and how you think it should work. 

If you get in touch, we'll share your ideas with our Development Team, and keep you updated on any sharing-related developments 🙌

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