How do I export or share notes?

There are 2 ways you can export notes you've created in Glean:

1. Copy your notes

Click the three dot menu at the top of your Feed within an Event, and you'll see a Copy Notes option.

Clicking Copy will copy all of the notes in your Feed to your clipboard.
Just open your preferred program - Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Dropbox Paper - and paste your notes in.
Your digital copy contains a link back to your Event in Glean, so you can quickly return to your Event if needed.

2. Print your notes

Want to have a printed copy of your notes to read on the bus, or share with a classmate? 
At the top of your Feed, within an Event, select  Reading Mode:

You'll see a print-ready version of your notes (complete with slides, if you've added any). 
Click Print to print your notes either on paper, or digitally as a PDF.

Sharing Events and audio recordings

It is not currently possible to share entire Events, or to download / share your audio recordings.

Is sharing a feature you'd like us to develop further?

Let us know!
We'd love to know how or when you would use a sharing feature - and how you think it should work. 

If you get in touch, we'll share your ideas with our Development Team, and keep you updated on any sharing-related developments 🙌
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