Glean Mobile - The Event Page

The first page you see when you sign into Glean is your Events Page. All your Events are available through this page:

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Event Page Overview

On this page you'll see all your Events listed. You can click an Event to open it. 

A long press on an Event will give you some additional options: 

  • Move the Event to a collection (see below)
  • Delete the Event, this permanently removes the Event from all devices
  • Remove the Audio from your Device, this will delete the locally stored audio from your device (you can re-download it from your cloud account)

New Event

Click the New Event Button to start a new recording

Cloud Status

The Cloud icon to the right of each Event lets you know the storage status for each of your Events.

For more information see here


You can group your Events together into Collections. This will help you keep everything organised. Use the collections button to manage things.

For more information see here

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