View and Manage other Admins

You can invite additional Admins to help manage your Glean account. Admin accounts do not count towards the number of signed up users you can have.

Important - All Admins have full access to your dashboard and can send invites, set expiry dates etc for all users on your account (including you).

Admin users on your account will have the 'Admin'' flag alongside their name:

Using the Action menu (three dots), you can remove the user as an Admin on the account.

Selecting Edit User will let you un-tick the box giving full Admin Permissions. This will instantly prevent the user from accessing the Glean Admin pages, and the user will revert to a normal user account.

Selecting Expire Users Access will instantly de-activate the entire user account meaning that they will no longer be able to access Glean Admin and their normal Glean account will enter the off-boarding stages.

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