Live Captions

Important - Live Captions are only available on certain Glean accounts. If you do not have the 'CC' button then please speak with your Glean Admin about this feature (or email

Image showing the toolbar with the Close Captions CC button


Live captions give you real time text on-screen as your presenter speaks. Simply press the CC button and start recording.

Info - Captions are only shown when recording (not during playback). And as soon as you stop recording the captions disapear.

If you need the text for your notes, then use our Transcription feature after recording, to get a full text transcript.

GIF showing Closed Captions appearing when recording


What happens if I stop recording? Captions are only shown while recording; as soon as you press stop the caption text disappears.

Can I turn on captions before recording? Yes, Glean will wait until you start recording and then show the captions.

Can I change the text format of the captions (make it larger or change the colour)? Unfortunately you cannot currently alter the text used for captioning. If this is something that you would like to see then please send us the feedback at

Do you support other languages? We currently support several languages and we'll be adding to this list.

What's the delay between the captions and the audio? Captions take around 300-500ms to generate so there is a tiny delay before the text appears. As more audio is recorded then captioning is able to correct for mistakes made.

Is there a limit to how many Events I can have captioned, or how much audio I can record? No - you can record for as long as you need, and you'll be able to use Live Captioning for all your content. (Did you know, that there are also no limits on our transcription feature?).

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